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Hi Dr Tennet, My question probably covers most situations in the UK. My partner is female, 65, scared to death, and badly needs teeth, probably implants to both top and bottom of her mouth. Her demeanor has worsened with pain. Is there any plan, insurance I can get to help pay for treatment? She has not seen a dentist for at least five years, but now needs to.

It’s easier to tell you what our practice does then you can look for something similar. We provide 12 months interest free finance for fees over £2000 or low cost finance over longer periods. The insurance that I am aware of wouldn’t cover preexisting problems. Guide price for 8 implants with 2 high spec dentures is £8000 to £10,000 including sedation for the anxiety. Fewer implants would be less. For a free initial assessment call Amy for details.0121 643 0610.

Dear Sir, I’ve been “selected” for a procedure that I am not familiar with and want to find out more information…I have been waiting for approval though a county dental facility to have the rods or implants for which the denture can be attached to…My oral surgeon called and said that while I wait for the OK for those rods/ implants. He would like to perform something. I am not sure of the exact label for the surgery. It involves lowering the floor of my mouth..? And building up mandibular area. They want to take a skin graft from my buttocks and use it as a graft for my mouth. They want to do this because my lower jaw was without a denture for 8 years. Not that I didn’t have one but got poor dentistry at the time and it did not fit and cut me badly the result was that I stopped using lower denture to my detriment. Does any of this sound familiar to you. I am 56 years old and in fairly good health in spite of wheel chair status…part of the reason I am in a wheel chair and lost my teeth was because eight years ago I was misdiagnosed as having end stage breast cancer to the bone…I didn’t though but was placed in a Morphine induced comatose state for a year till they figured out their mistake and withdrew the medications, however I lost most of my teeth. Then when I woke up I had to have the rest of them removed…I need some direction here. I am scared to go under anesthesia for 2 hours! In addition I need to know the possible side effects for such a procedure. He said it would be that long and that scares me when you consider all of the medical mistakes I have endured in one life time, maybe I am over thinking this. But I need to do research. But don’t no where to turn. He did say this procedure was a common one before implants…what is he talking about. I will have further instruction next week when I go in but want to be educated enough when I go to ask the right questions. Can you please direct me to some educational material. I would appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

The adi.org.uk is great for more information. Your individual case is so complex I can’t give advice on specifics.

Hi, I wonder if you could clarify something for me. I went to my NHS dentist with an upper molar toothache and he advised that I had an infection which required root treatment. He advised that he was only a general dentist and would probably only be 65% successful with this treatment due to my having 30-40% bone loss, he advised that referral to a specialist would take 5 months on the NHS. He advised me to go privately to a specialist who would have 80 – 85% success, at a cost of £400-£600 pounds, then if that was successful he would then put me a crown on the tooth at another cost of £300. I am resigned to the fact that I don’t want to lose my tooth as I am only 40 years of age but I just wanted a second opinion as to whether this was logical as I’m going to have to travel 60 miles for this referral. I asked him about an implant but he said it was always better to save a healthy tooth which is what he says I have before I start considering an implant. Your advice would be appreciated.

It is broadly sensible and the average cost of an implant will be more than double. The bone loss is a concern I suggest asking about a frequent gum maintenance program to prevent further bone loss.

Hello. I recently had the crown fitted after a dental implant UL6 a day after I noticed the crown felt very tight and I was unable to floss between UL5,4,3,2, a week later I returned to practice that fitted the implant, the crown was removed and I think filed and re fitted, I found after a day or so there was no difference so returned again where the crown was removed and another impression taken the crown being returned to the dental lab, I have not had it re fitted yet, the gap between the adjacent teeth has now returned to normal, I cannot recall UL2 ever sticking out slightly as it is now and the dental surgeon said it would not be possible for the implant that was tight to move UL 2, I am concerned as the tightly fitting crown was in place for over two weeks some damage may have occurred to the adjacent teeth, could you give me some help please. Thank You.

I wouldn’t expect a tooth four teeth away to move. It is likely to be coincidence. However you should check out UL2 for reasons for the apparent change.

Hello, I am 62 years old and have had periodontal disease most of my adult life. I have two bridges and several jaw teeth missing. I have had one infection after another, with abscesses, then they go down and I have mouth ulcers where the tissue was swollen. I’m sick and tired of it and considering dentures. My question is….I have so much bone lose and my gums have been bad for so long, is it possible to get good fitting dentures due to all the past problems? I also have MS and on a fixed income….and can’t pay an enormous amount. Thank you.

You’re right that the gum disease will usually reduce the support for dentures or implants. The decision to abandon your own teeth should not be taken lightly. I suggest that you get a couple of opinions before proceeding. The salvage of a few good teeth or implants in the right place can make a big difference. The implant option costs around £4000 for one jaw £6-£8000 for both. StJohns dental in Birmingham offers a free initial opinion on the best choice in your situation. 0121 643 0610 for details.

I have had a crack in the first tooth of my bridge in the front lower jaw for 4 months. I am concerned that although it is still fairly secure there may be small amounts of food & sugary drinks that could get in and over time could start to decay the post. I had this bridge fitted 35 years ago & also have a crown next to it. I have been told by my dentist that the work does not warrant NHS treatment as it would be classed as cosmetic and I’m not sure what to do.

The issue is likely to be whether the replacement is like for like. If a tooth needs extracting then it is more likely to need a denture. If the existing bridge is deteriorating but still a good prognosis if repaired the NHS should provide this for you.

Hi, I am just about to have an implant fitted to 1 of my 2 front teeth. If I wanted to have my teeth straightened using Invisalign would it be possible after the implant was completed?

There is no fundamental reason why not but the implant will not move and its position in the post invisalign situation may need planning.

Hi I have gum recession and due to a prior orthodontic surgery (in which the roots of my 2 canines were cut off) my canines are loose. I have been told that I should get these removed, have gum grafting and also some bone grafting above the canines then after 6 months get the implants put in (will have a false tooth plate in mean time). My Periodontist assures me that with this treatment I should get my smile back and the implants will last as long as a regular tooth. My query is how much would this cost in UK (I am an ex-pat overseas and have been quoted £8000 for the above) but I am from the UK and will be returning shortly I would get alloplastic grafting here but have been told auto is the way to go is this true? Is the 6 months necessary?

Your own bone would produce the best results and after all that you have been through it shouldn’t be too much in addition. The six months is generally a good idea for predictability, grafts and implants can be placed simultaneously but it is higher risk because if the graft fails the situation less favorable if a second procedure is required. Costs for grafting are variable and only accurate after a full case assessment.

My tooth has split and now it is very sensitive. 25% of it has fallen off. If it has to be removed can it be filled with a false tooth? Can I get it removed now and get a replacement tooth in three weeks or so?

There are a few options but you need an exam first. We are a private practice in Birmingham, the assessment appointment is free. Call Amy for details 0121 643 0610.

When having implants done are you asleep as I am a very nervous around dentists.

Mainly sedation is used for anxious patients; this is a very powerful relaxant that works well for anxious patients. If you would like more information call Amy on 0121 643 0610.

I had my front tooth taken out because it was constantly coming loose. I now have a partial denture but considering a bridge as i cannot afford an implant. Which is the best bridge option and what are the pros and cons of having a bridge put in?

The best bridge option will depend on factors like how heavily filled the teeth are next to the gap are, the bone support and the strength of your bite. Then factor in cost and appearance. Pros and cons depend on the bridge design. Sorry not to be more specific. The StJohns Dental Practice in the Heart of Birmingham’s shopping district offers a free 15 minute initial consultation. For details contact Amy on 0121 643 0610.

Hi I have just returned from my dentist having had a very unpleasant time. I am quite anxious but now I am petrified, I have had a post and crown for my front tooth for many years. I have also had other front teeth crowned for cosmetic purposes many years ago. Over the past few days my front tooth appeared to be loose. The dentist has broken it right off today which I am not at all pleased about. He says I now need a bridge and have to have the root of the front tooth cut out. I asked him about an implant he said a flat no because I smoke – (not much though) I am not prepared to wear a denture so can you please advise. Today my dentist was taking an impression and as I have a high palate he over filled it with the gunge which of course oozed out making me feel like I was choking – I panicked and tried to let him know what was happening – this stuff slipping down my throat but I could not speak – I then had no choice but to try and remove this from my airway he pushed me into the chair and I then flipped and managed to get this out of my mouth. He was not happy and I was shaking it scared me and being pushed into the chair scared me more I guess. I am now left with a temporary crown on a post which is wobbling around I daren’t eat . Now I am even more petrified. Please advise. I don’t see why I cannot have another post and crown. He said the root had split but I don’t know how he can say that without an x-ray. I am almost beside myself now. Thank you for your time.

Communication and trust seems to be the main issue. Your dentist probably can assess a fracture and would be able to give an opinion on whether a new crown has any hope. As a smoker you can have implants if you accept the higher failure rate. The immediate problem is replacing the loose tooth with a minimal impression. We offer a free initial consultation at our Birmingham city centre practice for enquiries call Amy on 01216430610.

I have recently been told by my dentist that I need dental implants for my two top front teeth. Due to trauma when younger my roots have not grown properly and over the past couple of years have begun to shrink. Therefore when I found two tiny abscesses (which do not hurt) above my front teeth I was told a root canal would not work as I have no roots there. My dentist has always warned me that this would happen but as I am only 25 and my teeth are in excellent condition I am terrified at the thought of surgery. I have been referred to a private hospital as I was told the NHS will not pay. Is this true as it is a medical condition and I don’t want it done but I know I have to? My question is how will the abscesses be treated? I am petrified that my two front teeth will be extracted and the abscess will be drained with antibiotics given. Then I will have to go without my front teeth until the infection is treated and surgery can begin. Also is there any point during the treatment plan when you will have to go with no teeth before the implants are put in? Thank you.

When I treatment plan an implant case replacing front teeth we always fill the spaces during treatment. Often an adhesive bridge with no preparation supported by the adjacent teeth works well. alternative is a denture. Both options fitted on the same visit as the extractions, then taken out / re-cemented as necessary.

I had a front tooth removed 2 weeks ago and was given a denture plate but I have had dreadful problems with retching. I don’t feel sick and can keep the plate in from 8.00 – 4.00 but after this I immediately begin to ‘Gag’. My NHS dentist says I can’t have a bridge because one of the supporting teeth is not strong enough. I cannot live my professional life like this. The doctor has prescribed ciclizine, but I can’t see that this will work. In fact neither can she. What are my options? I am willing to go privately.

Some bridges can be successful only fixed at one end. Adhesive or crown retained cantilevered. Cost £700 to £1000. Or remake denture to a different design. Or a dental implant which avoids the adjacent teeth and replaces the missing root. Guide price £2000-£2500 StJohns Birmingham offers a free initial consultation if you would like more details please call Amy 0121 643 0610.

I just had a dental implant done and had failed. my dentist said it was the first time that he had placed the cap on the implant over the gum line. In doing this he said food must of entered the implant and infection occured. He extracted the implant and said we will try again in four month. Is this proper procedure or does bone grafting need to be done know, so the bone heals well.

Each case depends on the individual circumstances. You should clarify if additional costs will be charged to you.

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