Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Having a tooth extracted can be a traumatic experience leading to feelings of insecurity and self-consciousness. However, there are a number of treatment options available to restore the function and appearance.

An unrestored extraction space can not only look unsightly but also makes eating certain foods difficult and can destabilise the adjacent tooth alignment. This in turn can lead to further dental treatment being necessary.

We are registered users of Densply, Astratech, Straumann and several other dental implant systems.  We are able to maximise the final result by choosing the system most appropriate for your case.

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Option 1 – Dental Implant

dental-implantsWhat is a dental implant ?
An implant is small titanium screw that is placed into the jawbone to replace the missing tooth root. Once healed the implant acts as a base for fixing a crown , bridge or even a denture.

• Better quality of life * ( Awad et al, J dent Res 2000)
• Natural & aesthetic appearance
• Healthy teeth are not cut down
• A long term solution
• Offers stability and reliability

• Treatment times variable depending on the complexity of the case
• Initial costs may be higher, however in many caes implants offer a more economical solution in the long term
• Smoking or poor dental hygiene may affect the success of dental implant treatment

Option 2 – Partial dentures

• Gives the impression of having teeth
• Can aid eating certain kinds of foods
• Easily modified

• Less support and stability than secured / fixed options
• Food can collect under denture
• May affect speech
• Can be uncomfortable to wear

Option 3 – Bridge

dental-bridgeA bridge is two or more ceramic teeth fused as a single section that is fixed to at least one of the adjacent teeth. Short span cantilever bridges involve two teeth, a supporting abutment tooth and the missing tooth. Often the bridge is fixed at both ends and there are two supporting or abutment teeth to replace a single missing tooth. Crown retained bridges have been used to replace missing teeth for over a hundred years and require the adjacent teeth to be shaved down. Adhesive bridges use a wing or plate top attach to the adjacent tooth which reduces the requirement to shave down the adjacent teeth.

• Natural appearance
• Improves Function
• Permanently fixed
• Initially a cheaper alternative to dental implants

• Lifetime maintenance costs maybe higher than dental implants
• Bone & gum deterioration may occur under the gap
• Nothing is replacing the functional support of the missing root

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