Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are very thin shells of Ceramic Porcelain that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth. Because they are so thin, some Veneers require no drilling or tooth reduction and therefore the procedure is painless and doesn’t require an injection. However minimal tooth reduction frequently improves the final appearance and often doesn’t require injections.

Because most veneers only cover the front surface of the tooth they are considered to be “kind” to the tooth, requiring less tooth reduction than a conventional crown. They are highly suitable for covering discolouration’s, visible flaws and worn down teeth.

Veneers are often the basis of a “Hollywood Smile” after basic whitening, veneers provide alignment to a smooth contour and further boost the shade to levels that could not be achieved by whitening alone.

Veneers are also suitable to correct crooked teeth. Orthodontic tooth alignment, even in adults would be the first choice in many cases where several teeth are out of position. However Veneers remain popular when a single tooth is out of alignment or orthodontic treatment and retention is not practical due to limited a timescale, unfavourable tooth roots, or the colour/ appearance requires modification.

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Veneers are suitable for:

Correcting Tooth Colour

Covering individual dark root filled teeth

Hollywood Smile Makeovers

Tooth Alignment

Single teeth – avoiding complex/ prolonged orthodontics

Shortened / compromised roots not suitable for orthodontics

Short two week treatment time from impression to completion

Cases were prolonged wearing of orthodontic retainers is not desired

Aligning an instanding tooth / teeth to the rest of an “arch”

Derotation of twisted teeth

Changing Tooth Shape

Restoring worn down and broken teeth (after the wear has been stabilised)

Hiding gaps or spaces between teeth

Harmonising tooth size (small teeth “peg laterals”)

Making canine (fang) teeth look like incisor teeth where an incisor was missing

Accentuating canine shapes for a “Vampire” appearance

Hiding Natural Blemishes

Covering natural flaws such as brown or white mottled enamel

Hiding cracks

Restoring tooth surface loss such as extensive abrasion or erosion damage

Post bulimia / anorexia nervosa dental rehabilitation when associated with regurgitation tooth erosion

Here at St Johns Dental we only use high quality materials to fabricate our veneers. We offer several grades of veneer to suit a range of budgets. The higher specifications involve increased planning and consultation time with the ceramist and the dentist to make highly individual restorations that look naturally beautiful even under close inspection. Because the ranges of options are often confusing, a free consultation is available.

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