Smile Gallery

The Perfect Smile

  • The perfect smile suits the person that wears it.
  • We understand this, we only create smiles that are as unique as you are.
  • The following examples illustrate cases where changing the appearance was requested.

We also enjoy treating cases where the aim is conforming to the existing smile. Unfortunately the before and after photographs are not very illuminating.


Problem: Recent trauma multiple fractured front teeth.

Solutions: Assessed remaining teeth, Root treatment and a post crown. Replaced missing teeth with two astratech dental implants supporting a three unit all ceramic bridge. Tooth whitening.


Problem: Failed root filling & lost crown unattractive smile.

Solution: Infected root replaced by a dental implant, tooth whitening, smile aligned using cast ceramic veneers.


Problem: Road traffic accident 6 years ago knocked out the lower front teeth and supporting bone. The upper front teeth were poorly aligned,and had discoloured leaking fillings.

Solution: The upper teeth were aligned with invisible orthodontic positioners (e.g. Invisalign) All teeth were whitened with the “enlighten” system. Some of the upper front teeth were veneered with natural ultrathin (Lumineer) restorations. Astratech dental implants were placed in the lower spaces and restored with a fixed bridge.

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