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I have recently had a filling four hours after the filling, It fell out, It was a small filling, there is no pain yet and I can see the filling was very shallow, it is in the back of my mouth. I don’t want to go back to dentist because I’ve taken too much time off work. Would there be a problem if I gave it a week and if no pain, just carried on brushing till my appointment in 4 months.

The risk is probably small but impossible to diagnose by internet.

Hello I am having root canal on my first molar, I am paying £350.00 for a 70minute appointment, I know I may need a crown fitted also on that tooth, I was wanting to know it I can have the crown fitted at a later date after the RCT, as I can’t afford to pay for both on one day? Would it be okay to wait to have a crown fitted after my root canal treatment?

In most cases you can wait up to 12 months. In some cases I deliberately wait to check the RCT has worked.

Dear Rob, I have been to the dentist this morning and was told I needed 2 crowns, at a cost of £400 each (despite being NHS patient) After much talking she said I could have only 1 done on the NHS, and if I wanted a second one done it would have to be next year. Is this correct? She also said I have to see a hygienist before she will do any work…I thought that the money you pay for NHS treatment covers a clean & polish but she has done nothing like that! Can you please just clear this up for me as I think she is just trying to make me spend as much as possible! Thanks for your help!

The NHS is available for necessary work. If it is only preferable that both crowns are done together, the dentist is within the NHS terms. Necessary cleaning should be included.

Hi, I have a root canal filling in the right 2nd Incisor. The tooth has become dark in colour and a little painful. I made an appointment with my dentist, under NHS, who tells me that the tooth must come out. This alarmed me a little, to the extent that I broke out in a cold sweat! He told me that this was a specialist treatment that needs to be done at the local hospital, at a cost! Is this correct? Meanwhile I am on antibiotics!! Many Thanks,

Root canal is a challenge for some NHS dentists. Usually extractions are straight forward.

Hi I have a gap between my top 2 front teeth and would like a sliver/platinum filling, do you know how much that will cost.

A private fee of between £350-£600 should be reasonable. A white gold or chrome alloy glued to the tooth might be least destructive.

I had a crown fitted 10 yrs ago and a few months ago it began to annoy me as it was catching on my tongue causing minor ulcers .I made an appointment with my dentist and he smoothed my crown off, since then I have had problems eating when eating cold and hot food .On returning to the dentist he is now saying that I have fractured my crown although I think it was him when he smoothed my crown off. What is my best move now I am on tax credit just now but don’t know what to do for the best ? Can u give me options of what to do next? Personally I think he is dodging the issue and trying to palm me off with telling me to apply Colgate sensitive paste on tooth every night to calm my pain .Can you get a replacement crown on NHS?

If the tooth underneath is sound you should be able to get a new crown on the NHS.

Please help; I am a manic depressive and a very frightened person when at the dentist. I have had 2 white fillings in both lower canines on the gum line, the left small and the right a little bigger. I have slight biting pain in the right and so much sensitivity it’s tipping me over the edge. The left is a little better but not great, also my surrounding teeth effected just breathing is causing me distress. I have been back to the dentist 3 times and every time he says it will calm down and paints my teeth with orange paste. Please help me what’s wrong and what do I do thank you.

If you like big names you can call it dentine hypersensitivity. It can, as you know, be very painful. The orange paste may be a fluoride varnish which creates a dense surface layer of tooth that insulates you from cold etc. You can help the process by cleaning the tooth gently but thoroughly. Too hard will remove the dense surface that the dentist is trying to build up, too little will leave plaque that dissolves the surface, so it’s a balance. Also avoid acidic things like fruit / juice / or fizzy drinks until the problem improves. If you do have something acidic avoid brushing for an hour after to give the tooth time to “harden up”. Finally try leaving a thin smear of sensitive toothpaste on the teeth at night. Rob.

Hello Can you please help me, my father is desperate to have the smile he has always wished for he is 67 years old. All this teeth are rotten and he has asked local dentists to remove his remaining teeth, i think he has about 6 left and they refuse. Is there anyone who would be willing to do this as my father suffers from depression and it is upsetting to watch him. Please advise, many thanks.

In a case were several dentists have given an opinion, a clinical examination would be needed to see whether the reasons for declining made sense. it is a problem carry out irreversible treatment like extraction if the teeth still have a usefull function, this might be the reason for the disappointment. Rob.

I have lost the filling from a large molar tooth at the very back of my mouth. In the process I have split/cracked the root of a previously root filled tooth. I expected a crown but my dentist feels extraction is the only option. What do you think? I am concerned as most of my mouth has had extensive work and I feel that extraction is the beginning of the end!

Cracked teeth are very difficult to assess even after a clinical exam. I agree that it is good to save teeth where possible but your dentist opinion seems to be that the tooth may not be predictable once treated. If in doubt consider a second opinion. We offer a free initial consultation, to arrange this please call Amy on 0121 643 0610 to book.

I have a few rotten teeth that need removing as very painful I also have poor oral health due to a massive fear of dentists I have even thought about being knocked out having them all taken out then false teeth so I don’t keep having all this pain and worry however this cost is not an option for me. I would really like some help to get my oral health back and teeth sorted and say goodbye to the pain last night I only had 2 hours sleep due to the pain. The other problem I have is I am allergic to the injections and the last time I had a tooth removed it was at Birmingham dental hospital under sedation this put with my very bad fear of dentists is why my oral health is so bad and I am ashamed of it to be honest but worried about doing anything about it. I have also had a very unsympathetic dentist years ago which made me worse and not had a dentist since. Please can you give me some advice and point me in the direction of help as I worried in pain and anxious. Regards.

It is not clear how you found your experience at BDH, Contact them direct as you will already have a hospital number and be in their “system”. They are caring and are the lowest cost or free if you are on a budget. To help overall you might try hypnotherapy to work on your anxiety before going for an appointment. There are quite a few registered therapists in the area.

Hi and a few years ago I use to smoke a lot I started at the age of 14 I’ve been scared of the dentist now I want to sort my teeth out I’m 21 years old and I’m scared to show my self as I don’t like my smile, my teeth need straightening but I don’t know how to go around it I’ve tried brushing my teeth for 5 months now and my gums still bleed, I have a broken tooth as well and always getting things stuck in it, I am signing on and I cant afford anything to get me teeth done I don’t know what the NHS has to offer please help I am willing to do anything to me teeth to make them better again.

If you are nervous ask friends for recommendations for local dentists. Also try your local PCT / NHS direct for a details of NHS Dental practices with a “sedation contract” Once you have been assessed you will know what work needs doing and then try options ( such as tablet sedation, IV sedation, “normal” treatment with added TLC etc etc).

I have 2 broken teeth which were caused by cavities and what should I do and am 16 years old and would it cost me.

Under 18 automatically qualifies for free NHS treatment.

I went to dentist and was told to have root filling she started work but said I had to go back in couple weeks when it settles down. I have spoke to lots of people and they say don’t have one take tooth out as it is painfull and you feel pain while its been done will I feel pain.

In most cases my root treatments take pain away, it is very very very rare that they make a problem worse. I cannot speak for other peoples treatments but I would recommend my own patients to save useful teeth. Rob.

Well this is just embarrassing… Okay so a couple years ago I got hit in the face and my tooth kind of cracked. But it wasn’t as bad so I never bothered to get it fixed. It was tiny, barely noticeable. Then throughout the years I’ve been going through some hardships. My parents divorced. My father died. I was pressured into a life of drugs, which ruined my teeth even more, stupidly, I smoked pills literally and did it for about a year. I smoked cigarettes and marijuana for a couple years straight. I stopped long ago. But now my front two teeth are cracked down the middle and really black and decayed and it is moving because now there are tiny holes forming in my other front teeth slowly, day by day. I have no insurance and I am a full time student paying for my own classes. I suffer severe tooth pains everyday. I cant sleep or eat. This has been going on for about two years now. Help me please?

Extensive rebuilds are likely to involve crowns or dentures. In both cases it is likely that an immediate course of treatment will be followed by further treatment in 6/12 months. NHS fees per course of treatment are £198 if you pay. Details of automatic free treatment or the form AG1 to claim free.

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