Invisalign and clearstep in Birmingham can be used to straighten crooked teeth without the need for wire braces and brackets.
It is a very popular treatment used by many patients to transform their smiles. Teeth straightening is much more conservative that placing dental veneers to achive a straighter look which is sometimes referred to as instant orthodontics. Treatment with clear positioners is much more popular now that adults are aware of the teeth straightening options available to them. They can be used to straighten crooked teeth correct bite problems, close gaps between your teeth and correct over bites and underbites.

The great thing about invisalign braces is that they offer a method for straightening your teeth without anyone knowing you are having treatment and also without affecting your daily eating and hygiene routine.

Dental Crowns Caps are restorations that are used to protect damaged teeth and add strength, they can be used to improve the cosmetics of your teeth as well as protect them.


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WELCOME BACK From Tuesday 9th June

The final preparations to welcoming you back are underway and the Team is looking forward to seeing you again. Your safety is our top priority and we are planning a phased return starting with urgent treatment and assessment. This will mean that there will be a transition where protocols will change according to the up to date guidance. The following are part of the first phase guidance

1. The week before any previously booked appointment you must contact us to confirm the details of that appointment .
2. Timings will be staggered to reduce patient waiting
3. You will be required to complete a Covid status declaration and have your temperature taken.
4. Fully charge your phone, hydrate , visit the toilet and minimise personal belongings before setting off
5. Call 10 minutes prior to entering the building (we want to minimise the paths that cross)
6. Don’t bring friends or family members or children that do not have an appointment, Social distancing will be much easier for us to coordinate if the numbers are restricted.
7. We are trialling payment as you arrive, this will mean that future amendments might be required but it will smooth your flow through the practice.
8. Please avoid cash or cheque payments the best payment methods are apple / google pay however card payments and BACS are also fine
9. We love to catch up but right now is not the time. We will ask you to leave the practice once your appointment has finished. Social distancing will be much easier for us to coordinate if we can prepare for the next patient to enter the building.

Please look for the additional and updated guidance.


Dr Rob Tennet
The StJohns Dental Practice


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