Invisalign and clearstep in Birmingham can be used to straighten crooked teeth without the need for wire braces and brackets.
It is a very popular treatment used by many patients to transform their smiles. Teeth straightening is much more conservative that placing dental veneers to achive a straighter look which is sometimes referred to as instant orthodontics. Treatment with clear positioners is much more popular now that adults are aware of the teeth straightening options available to them. They can be used to straighten crooked teeth correct bite problems, close gaps between your teeth and correct over bites and underbites.

The great thing about invisalign braces is that they offer a method for straightening your teeth without anyone knowing you are having treatment and also without affecting your daily eating and hygiene routine.

Dental Crowns Caps are restorations that are used to protect damaged teeth and add strength, they can be used to improve the cosmetics of your teeth as well as protect them.


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