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Hello Dr Tennet, I had a brace as a child which was not a fixed one, but has an extra piece I had to wear at night, that went round my head. This was because my incisors were too straight and made my canines look like fangs. The brace did not work effectively and for some reason it was left at that. I am now 40 and do not want a brace. Can anything be done? What’s the minimum could I expect to pay privately if it could. Kind Regards

It sounds like you have a marked discrepancy between your jaw sizes. I would recommend a specialist orthodontic opinion which would cost around £100 with a large practice that might have links to a maxillofacial surgeon. Costs around £6000. Consider veneers to change the shape if not position of teeth. Cost around £3000. A free initial assessment is offered at StJohns call Amy to book 0121 643 0610.

When I was 11 I had a brace, it was to pull my 4 top incisors out as they were not curved, but straight, making my canines look like fangs. This was a removable brace, with an extra piece at night that went round my head. Anyway, it didn’t work and nothing else was done, I don’t know why. It has bothered me ever since. I am almost 40 now, and I put my hand over my mouth when I laugh and try not to show my teeth. Can anything be done, either to my incisors or canines i.e. filling them as they look longer than my incisors, making it look worse? Thank you for your time.

Veneers can be used to reshape teeth after grinding down. Guide price £350-700 per tooth. Often the front six teeth are done as group so you may multiply by 6 or 10.

Having posted with a question earlier about an invisalign brace, I’ve done a bit of internet searching and I think reshaping of my canines would be an option, to make my “fangs” less obvious. Can you tell me the cost and if it’s possible, and do you offer it at your surgery?

We mainly use the clearstep system which we would be happy to discuss with you. There are several other clear positioners available. For an free informal chat call 0121 643 0610 for an appointment.

Dear Sir, I am 23 years old and I have protruding teeth. My friends tell me that it is too late to have braces or they will be of no use if I use them at this age as my bones would have already hardened. Is it still possible to successfully set my teeth straight permanently?

You can move teeth at any age but will need to stabilize the new position for life. Veneers might be an alternative. For a free initial assessment call Amy on 0121 643 0610.

Hello! I was wondering how much an orthodontic lower jaw surgery costs because I really need one. Thank you.

The costs are too variable to quote. Best to start with referral from your dentist.

Hello Sir, I have slightly bigger front teeth. Is it necessary to use any crowns or veneers to get them smaller and in shape? Just grinding and reshaping the teeth will not do??

There are only a few cases were just grinding would work. I would not recommend doing anything without simulation first, for a free initial consultation please call Amy on 0121 643 0610.

Hi, I have slightly crooked teeth with some gaps and was wondering if you would recommend veneers as a possible treatment to give a smile I can be proud of. I was also wondering if you could advise me on the cost of veneers and whether or not I should be getting them at the age of 20. Any help or advice would be of great help. Thanks.

Veneers or orthodontics are both possible choices expect to pay between £400 to £800 per veneer. For a free initial assessment for the best choice for you please contact Amy 0121 643 0610.

Hi I’m only a teen but I have terrible teeth and regret not taking care of them I know I need work on my teeth but my family has no money to see a dentist.

NHS dentists have a maximum fee of £198 pounds which may be less if you are on low income. Try the post office for the AG1 form to claim.

Hi, I have an overbite, but I went to the dentist this week and they said my bottom jaw has grown enough to meet the top. So I would need braces then I would need to get my jaw broken and then braces again. I am very worried about this but I hate my teeth and the way they look. Would you be able to give me any advice? Or information to look into about realigning my jaw? Thank you very much.

This isn’t really my field. Try searching Orthognathic surgery. Mostly it’s done on the NHS

I have an over bite. I want to fix it without braces!! A bunch of people said a retainer would fix it. Will it work??

Possibly, several systems like Clearstep or Invisalign clear positioners for a free initial assessment call Amy 0121 643 0610 for details.

Hi there I was thinking about getting veneers as my 3 old crowns are coming down slightly and are showing a bit of black around the tops of them. I have a bridge which is slowly coming down and another crown on a metal peg… it possible to cover them with veneers or do I need new crowns?

In almost all cases I would recommend replacement with crowns. StJohns dental in Birmingham offers a free initial opinion on the best choice in your situation. Please call Amy on 0121 643 0610 for details.

I’m 19, and have acid erosion on my front teeth, I had a crown fitted on one of my front teeth and it doesn’t match any other of my teeth, and I’ve started to hate smiling! I’ve noticed that my 2 front main teeth are getting worse, and would like to know what I could do. (I hate my front 4 teeth because they look awful) all I would like is nice front teeth, and I have no idea how to go about it! Please help!

Control the erosion firstly (diet or bulimia) then some all ceramic crowns or veneers might give the look you want. We offer a free initial consultation call Amy on 0121 643 0610.

My husband is currently utilizing your services for teeth bleaching. I am interested in the six month smile treatment. Do you offer this and could you give me the price range for full treatment including consultations? Thank you.

We do invisible orthodontics and Combined veneer treatments. The costs can vary according to the amount of work required. The initial consultation is free. A full written plan including photo simulation, photos, x-rays, study models and a trial wax up is £200 orthodontic opinion is an additional £100. I recommend the free consultation to find out what your best options might be (including guide prices) then decide if you want to proceed to the full treatment plan.

I have always been very conscious of my teeth every time I smile of even speak. I have a few small gaps – which to me seem huge and a couple of teeth that stick out. I have always dreamt of having a smile to be proud of. I’m just wondering, as I am a single mother on benefits how would I be able to afford to get my teeth sorted out and corrected if I chose to do so in the future???? How much would it cost me? Straightening, reconstructing some and generally getting a perfect smile to make me feel confident?

The costs vary depending on the work. 6 Veneers £2-4000 Veneers and orthodontics around £6-7000 Aesthetic bonding (filling) to close gaps £1-200 per tooth. StJohns Dental practice in Birmingham is 1 minute from New Street station. We offer a free initial consultation for cosmetic cases. Call Amy on 0121 643 0610 for details.

Thanks Dr. Tennet for providing your services. I over 40 yoa and over time has dealt with poor hygiene and how since loosing the majority of upper n lower back teeth I now have a gap. My front 6 teeth has gaps, and my bottom teeth I’m missing the one under the eye tooth up top. I’ve had digestive problems for a long time due to the lose. At what point can I approach my Health Insurance carrier and seek dental/medical relief? Thanks

Insurance terms vary depending on your policy, I recommend you call now to see what your policy might provide. Rob

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