Teeth Whitening

About 2 years ago my dentist made me a set of trays to use for teeth whitening. I used the whitening gel he provided and was very pleased with the result. I would like to treat my teeth again but my dentist will charge me £25 for a 1.3mg syringe of Polanight 13% peroxide gel. I can buy four syringes of the same product on the internet for about £34. Would it be safe/sensible for me to buy it in this way? Is this a good product or could you recommend a better one?

I am always a bit dubious of internet pharmaceuticals. There are so many fakes out there. Carbamide peroxide gels are usually best. Some peroxide gels are ok with supervision.

I want get my teeth whitening but my front 4 teeth are Dental Implant Bridge so want can I do is it possible to get veneers to place over the bridge and other teeth thanks.

It is possible but it wouldn’t be my first choice for long term stability. I would often prefer to replace the bridge. St Johns Dental Practice offers a free initial cosmetic consultation to help decide best options in your case and likely costs. Call Amy for details 0121 643 0610.

I have noticed that my teeth are very yellow recently and I would like to know more about teeth whitening. I have heard that some teeth don’t benefit from whitening and I would like to know if there is a way to tell without spending lots of money.

Sensitive teeth heavily filled or crowned teeth need to be treated differently. Grey shades tend to be slower. Call Amy who will be able to discuss your individual case further. 0121 643 0610.

I have recently had my teeth whitened using the trays and the syringes of peroxide which you place in overnight. it cost £240 from my dentist, I noticed my teeth had lightened while I was using it but after I had finished the treatment there is not much of a difference like I had hoped. I was hoping they would be much lighter. I now think I should have maybe paid double and had the laser treatment. I am not satisfied with the outcome. Thank you.

The trays need to be close fitting to give a good seal to work. Laser treatment has the same (some may dispute this) end results as good trays over enough time.

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