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Cosmetic Dentistry

St Johns dental practice is one of Birmingham’s Leading cosmetic dentistry centres where a full range of private dental treatments are carried out including all aspects of general dentistry such as dental health check ups and hygiene cleans to high end cosmetic dentistry involving dental implants in Birmingham and veneers. If you are looking for a caring dentist in Birmingham then St Johns dental is just that, we provide a relaxing envoironment in which to have your pain free dentistry.

Tooth Whitening

teeth_fig1Using the latest tooth whitening products we can brighten you teeth by several shades. We offer both in-surgery teeth whitening to get you that dazzling new smile within the hour and also professional home whitening kits which give you the ability to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. Teeth whitening can have varied results on different patients with some respondng better than others. When you have a consultation with us we will be able to indicate the whitening results that you may expect. Please note that if you have any existing crown or veneer work that these teeth will not change in colour and only your natural teeth will be whitened. Some patients may experience sensitivity after the whitening procedure and it is advisable to avoid HOT or COLD drinks during the period immediately following your treatment. If you are looking for teeth whitening in Birmingham then St Johns dental is the place to come.


Dental Implants

teeth_fig2Dr Rob Tennet is a well respected implantologist with many years experience. If you are looking to replace missing teeth or to secure loose dentures with mini implants we can provide the best implant solution for you. Dental implants are made from titanium which is well tolerated by your bone tissue and comfortably integrates with bone in your jaw.

As a leading Birmingham dental implants dentist, Rob also offer more advanced surgical implant procedures such as bone grafting, if sufficient bone tissue is not available to accomadate an implant on first inspection.

Dental Veneers

teeth_fig3Dental Veneers are wafer thin shells of strong ceramic or porcelain that are bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth.
The are often used at the treatment in smile makeovers, to cover dull, damaged or discoloured teeth and also to repair broken or badly worn down teeth by excessive grinding. Here at St Johns dental in Birmingham City centre we offer a wide ranges of veneers to suite everyones needs, from cosmetic veneers for a whiter brighter hollywood smile to more natural and conservative looking restorations.

We use only the highest quality restorations and dental materials to fabricate your veneers which are done by our expert dental ceramist.


Invisalign and clearstep in Birmingham can be used to straighten crooked teeth without the need for wire braces and brackets.
It is a very popular treatment used by many patients to transform their smiles. Teeth straightening is much more conservative that placing dental veneers to achive a straighter look which is sometimes referred to as instant orthodontics. Treatment with clear positioners is much more popular now that adults are aware of the teeth straightening options available to them. They can be used to straighten crooked teeth correct bite problems, close gaps between your teeth and correct over bites and underbites.


The great thing about invisalign braces is that they offer a method for straightening your teeth without anyone knowing you are having treatment and also without affecting your daily eating and hygiene routine.

Dental Crowns Caps

Dental Crowns Caps are restorations that are used to protect damaged teeth and add strength, they can be used to improve the cosmetics of your teeth as well as protect them.


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