Vampire Teeth

Vampire Teeth

Because cosmetic dentistry can change the appearance of teeth there are occasions when we are asked to provide “vampire teeth”. In most individuals the alignment of the upper and lower teeth limits the potential space to extend teeth and the shape must allow for the jaw joint to flex in a sideway chewing movement.

Generally aesthetic bonding with tooth coloured resins to extend the existing canines is preferred. In most cases a few months is the maximum time advisable before removal of the resin.

In cases where crowns or veneers are already present it may be acceptable to replace them with temporary “fang” versions before long term restorations are placed.

Styles of treatment vary, most popular is extension of the upper canine teeth which are in the third position from the midline. As seen in classic Dracula Hammer Horror films with Christopher Lee. However the Nosferatu vampire style where extension and sharpening of the two upper front central incisors or even the lateral incisors can also produce a gothic look.

Following the Twilight Series there has been a growth in requests for “vampire” teeth. If you are over 18 years old and accept the theatrical rather than functional nature of the cosmetic bonding contact us to discuss the suitability of your case.

A guide price of around £150 per tooth should be expected and consultation fees, radiographs, and dental hygiene costs may also be applicable.

Today in our private dental practice, Dr Andy Wheeler created temporary vampire teeth for our lovely patient who wanted them for a Halloween party. No injections or drilling required.

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